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When I saw Mothers with children carrying all of the fun stuff needed to make a wonderful day for the children and no one else to help I said "we need to find some sort of one hand operated cart, wagon, etc. to help them out of a sometimes dangerous walk to the beach." Plus what a great way for bringing coolers, grills, boogieboards, surf boards, etc. in one trip, and still be able to put your kids in it with their own chairs! Plus what a cool toy for Dad!

If you've ever needed help getting your beach supplies on the beach in one go then look no further! Our Motor Beach Carts are fantastic at facilitating a fun day!

Choose from our wide range of accessories and find all the things you need to enjoy your beach better than you already do, and speak with our sales team about what you would like on your new set of wheels! Our Motor Beach Carts aim to please all ages, such as the kids riding in the back over the dunes, or the parents who no longer have to worry about straining their back!

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